• Brew Naturally Announces Shellback IPA Release

    New for 2016, Brew Naturally is proud to be offering our latest 5-gallon homebrew ingredient kit, the Shellback IPA.  This is a traditional IPA is loaded with cluster hops, producing an unmatched flavor.

    The ship on our label represents an English Merchant ship of the early 17th century, square rigged and beak bowed with high castle-like structures fore and aft that served to protect the ships crew.  With a cargo volume of 180 to 200 tons it could accommodate 180 casks of wine.  This type of ship would also transport wool, hats, hemp, Spanish salt, hops and vinegar.  It would have been equipped with up to 16 cannon to fend off pirates and a crew of 35 men before the mast and 14 officers.  A fitting ship for a Shellback sailor.


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